Polariscope Frame

Polariscope Frame .

Description of Polariscope Frame

The Polariscope Frame is a bench top mounted frame which allows the study of stress patterns and photoelasticity resulting from geometrical changes in loaded mechanical models.

Polariscope Frame has integral slides into which fit quarter wave plates and polarisation filters. These plates and filters can be rotated through 90° to vary the colourisation seen by the user.

The frame can sit on top of a light box or overhead projector. Rubber mounting feet enable it to sit firmly onto the light source.

Experimental Capabilities of Polariscope Frame:


  1. Photoelastic analysis of standard mechanical models
  2. Analysis of Crane hook under tensile load
  3. Tensile loading of beams, perforated beams, plates, overlap element
  4. Variation of stress colourisation
  5. Rotational position of wave plate and filters


Specification of Polariscope Frame:


  1. Bench top unit for teaching of photoelastic principles
  2. Unit to be mounted on light box or overhead projector
  3. To be supplied with quarter wave plates and polarisation filters
  4. Wave plates and filters to easily slide in frame
  5. A variety of mechanical specimens supplied
  6. Adjustable loading mechanism
  7. To have fine tuning loading mechanism using loading spring, dial gauge and screwjack
  8. Wave plates and filters can be rotated through 90° to vary colourisation

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