Pressure Losses In Pipes .

Pressure Losses in Pipes

Specification Of Pressure Losses in Pipes

  • Investigation of pressure losses
  • Three long pipe sections made of copper and steel with different diameters
  • Pipe section with pipe bends
  • Pipe section with sudden contraction and enlargement
  • Pipe section with interchangeable fittings with different opening characteristics: needle valve, shut-off valve, ball valve
  • Determination of the pressure curve along the measuring section with up to 8 pressure measuring points
  • Easy pressure measurement via annular chambers
  • Pressure and differential pressure measurement with 8 tube manometers, Bourdon tube pressure gauge and electronic differential pressure sensor
  • Flow measurement via rotameter and volumetric measuring tank
  • Closed water circuit with tank and submersible pump
  • Stainless steel tank

Technical Data


  • Power consumption: 0,45kW
  • Max. flow rate: 4,8m³/h
  • Max. head: 22,6m
  • 3 straight pipe sections, measuring length: 2,5m
  • Copper, diameter: 28x1mm, 22x1mm
  • Steel, diameter: 1/2"
  • Pipe section with pipe bend
  • Copper, diameter: 22x1mm
  • Pipe section with contraction/enlargement
  • Copper
  • Contraction, diameter: 18x1mm
  • Enlargement, diameter: 28x1mm
  • Pipe section with valves and fittings
  • Copper, diameter: 18x1mm
  • Volumetric measuring tank: 20L
  • Tank for water: 110L

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