Principles Of Air Flow .

Principles Of Air Flow

Specification Of Principles Of Air Flow

  • Investigation of the principles of air flow
  • Transparent intake pipe with mounting options for additional accessories
  • Inlet contour minimises turbulence on the intake side
  • Throttle valve on the delivery pipe to adjust the air flow
  • Electronic measurement of  temperature and pressure
  • Determine velocity by means of the dynamic pressure
  • Determine flow rate via differential pressure

Technical Data

Radial fan

  • Max. power consumption: 90W
  • Speed: 2800min-1
  • Max. flow rate: 460m³/h
  • Max. differential pressure: 480Pa

Delivery pipe

  • Outer diameter: 110mm
  • Inner diameter: 99,4mm

Intake pipe

  • Outer diameter: 140mm
  • Inner diameter: 134,4mm

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