Pump And Compressor Unit .

Pump and Compressor Unit

Technical Description of Pump and Compressor Unit

The modular system allows the investigation of different machines (reciprocating machines and turbo machines). Each machine is mounted on a base plate, which can easily be fitted into the unit. It is powered by a belt drive. Hoses with quick-action couplings provide the supply lines. The unit itself includes the electric drive motor with speed control, 2 pressure vessels for the compressor experiments, a measuring tank and a supply tank for the pump experiments and a protection cover. The intake and delivery pressure, temperature, motor speed and power are measured and displayed digitally. The corresponding flow is measured indirectly and transferred to the PC data acquisition software.

Specification of Pump and Compressor Unit
  • Mobile unit for turbo machines and reciprocating compressors 
  • 6 belt-driven machines: piston compressor, rotary vane compressor, piston pump, impeller pump, 2 centrifugal pumps
  • Drive motor: Speed controlled by frequency converter
  • 2 pressure vessels, 10ltr, max. 10bar
  • Water measuring tank with pressure switches, overflow, return to supply tank
  • Indirect flow measurement via liquid level (water) or Venturi nozzle (air)
  • PC data acquisition with Lab View software under Windows 2000/XP
  • 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Technical Data of Pump and Compressor Unit
  • Electric motor, 4-pole: max. power at nominal operation: 0.37kW, nominal speed:1500rpm 
  • Piston compressor: max. Capacity: 115ltr/min, max. delivery pressure: 10bar
  • Rotary vane compressor: max. 63ltr/min, max. 0.7bar rel., safety valve: 1...1,3bar rel.
  • Centrifugal pump: max. 60ltr/min, max. 1.8bar
  • Piston pump: max. 14.6ltr/min, max. 14bar
  • Impeller pump: max. 25ltr/min, max. 1.5bar
Dimensions and Weight of Pump and Compressor Unit
  • l x w x h: 1500 x 750 x 1650 mm
  • Weight: approx. 85 kg

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