Radial And Linear Heat Conduction .

Radial And Linear Heat Conduction

Specification:- Radial And Linear Heat Conduction

  • Examination of heat conduction in solids
  • Experimental setup consisting of experimental unit and display and control unit
  • Linear heat conduction: 3 measuring objects, heating and cooling element, 9 temperature measuring points
  • Radial heat conduction: brass disc with heating and cooling element, 6 temperature measuring points
  • Cooling with mains water
  • Electric heating element

Technical Data

Linear heat conduction

  • 3 measuring objects, insulated
  • 1x DxL: 25x30mm, steel
  • 1x DxL: 15x30mm, brass
  • 1x DxL: 30x30mm, brass
  • Heater: 140W

Radial heat conduction

  • Disc diameter: 110x4mm
  • Heater in the middle of the disc: 125W
  • Cooling coil at outer diameter of disc

Measuring ranges

  • Temperature: 0...100°C
  • Power: 0...200W

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