Resistance Dynamometers Equipments

Resistance Dynamometers Equipments .

Resistance Dynamometers

Resistance dynamometers combined with model clamp are of the same general type, but with different capacity. They are designed for the measurement of resistance of ship models, which are towed by a towing carriage. They are also used during propulsion tests with ship models for applying force in addition to the propeller thrust, which is often necessary for the test program.

Technical Data of Resistance Dynamometers:

The ship model is connected to the resistance dynamometer via a coupling rod. The connection of the coupling rod is arranged such that the ship model can adjust freely in 3 planes. The coupling rod however normally pulls the ship model in the direction of the propeller shaft line. The inclination angle of the coupling rod is indicated mechanically by way of a pointer and scale.

The adjustment range in vertical position relative to the support beam of the equipment is as follows:

  • For resistance dynamometer: 850mm
  • For model clamp: 800mm
  • For resistance dynamometer: 1050mm
  • For model clamp: 980mm

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