Reverse Osmosis .

Reverse Osmosis

Specification Of Reverse Osmosis

  • Removal Of Solvent From A Salt Solution Using Reverse Osmosis
  • Polyamide Spiral Wound Membrane Module
  • Piston Pump With Pulsation Damper For Pressure Generation
  • Overflow Valve To Adjust The Pressure Upstream Of The Membrane Module
  • Valve To Adjust The Retentate Flow Rate
  • Raw Water Tank With Stirring Machine To Prepare A Salt Solution
  • Tank For Distilled Water To Flush Through The Spiral Wound Membrane Module
  • Tank To Collect The Permeate
  • Safety cutout to protect the pump against dry running

Technical Data

Spiral wound membrane module

  • Active area: 1,2m²
  • Raw water flow rate: max. 23l/min
  • Length: approx. 500mm
  • Diameter: approx. 60mm

Piston pump

  • Max. Flow rate: approx. 425l/h
  • Max. Head: approx. 700m
  • Max. operating pressure: 60bar

Stirring machine

  • Power consumption: 140W
  • Speed: 30...1000min-1


  • Raw water (salt solution): approx. 110l
  • Distilled water: approx. 110l
  • Permeate: approx. 5L

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