Sediment Flow Channel .

Sediment Flow Channel

Description of Sediment Flow Channel

Sediment Flow Channel is a self contained bench top open channel for studying bed forms with change in flow and slope as well as flow phenomena without sediment. The channel is of a rectangular cross-section supported by steel frame. The channel sides are made of clear acrylic with tilting controlled by a manual screw jack. A stainless steel head tank with a stilling baffle provides a smooth flow. The water is discharged from the channel via a built in rectangular weir to the storage tank. A fine strainer is provided in the storage tank to trap the sand sediment.

Experiments of Sediment Flow Channel

  1. Fixed smooth bed flow.
  2. Flow over mobile sand bed.
  3. Flow structures.
  4. Local scour.
  5. Mechanics of sediment transport.
  6. Bed form hysteresis.
  7. Depositionary features and fancies.
  8. Computational work.
  9. Flow over fixed gravel bed.

Technical Data of Sediment Flow Channel 

  1. Channel size : 75 mm wide x 15 cm high x 1.5 m long.
  2. Tilting adjustment : 0 to + 10 %.
  3. Channel bed : Stainless steel.
  4. Side walls : Clear acrylic with clear vertical scale.
  5. Sediment : Fine grade sand.
  6. Flow measurement : Water meter.
  7. Power supply : 220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.

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