Sediment Transport In River Courses Experiment

Sediment Transport In River Courses Experiment .

Sediment Transport In River Courses Experiment


Specification:- Sediment Transport in River Courses

  • Open-channel bed-load transport
  • Experimental flume with experimental section, inlet element, outlet element, closed water circuit, 1 set of models
  • Closed water circuit with water tank with sediment trap, pump, and electromagnetic flow meter
  • Experimental section with grooves for plate weirs to realize different flow conditions
  • Measurement of profiles along the bottom with moveable instrument carrier and point gauge
  • Inlet element with plate weir to protect against sediment flowing back
  • Models supplied 3 bridge piers, 2 islands, set of deflection plates (for your own model ideas)
  • Sediment trap with filter element for sand
  • Experimental section, inlet and outlet element made of stainless steel

Technical Data

Experimental flume

  • Stainless steel
  • Dimensions of the experimental section:
  • 5000x800x250mm


  • Power consumption: 3,6kW
  • Max. head: 11,5m
  • Max. flow rate: 74m³/h
  • Storage tank, content: approx. 1000L
  • Sediment trap filter element
  • Aperture size: 49mesh

Flow meter

  • Measuring range: 80m³/h

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