Set Of Piers Three Profiles .

Set of Piers 3 Profiles   

Technical Description of Set of Piers 3 Profiles  

Using the Set of Piers 3 Profiles accessory, it is possible to perform experiments on pillars in rivers in the Modular Flow Channel. The unit contains 3 different, separable pillar types, 2 of each type of pillar fitted to the base plate represent the complete experimental set-up ready for installation in the flow channel. Pointed, rounded and flat flow splitters are provided; these can be combined as required. The experimental set-up is made of PVC and is attached to the base of the channel using bolts.

Specification of Set of Piers 3 Profiles   

  • Flow splitters for installing in the Modular Flow Channel
  • Experimental set-up made of PVC, l x w x h 330x160x315mm
  • Sets of flow splitters: pointed, rounded, flat,
  • l x w x h 100x30x300mm

Technical Data of Set of Piers 3 Profiles

Pointed flow splitter

  • Included angle: 41°

Rounded flow splitter

  • Radius: 15mm

Dimensions and Weight of Set of Piers 3 Profiles              

  • l x w x h: 330 x 160 x 315 mm
  • Weight: approx. 5 kg

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