Set Of Plate Weirs Four Types .

Set of Plate Weirs four Types

Technical Description of Set of Plate Weirs four Types

The Set of Plate Weirs experimental set-up includes 4 different weir plates that can each be placed on a weir carrier and then fitted to the base of the channel. The weir plates represent an aerated plate weir, a Thomson weir, a rectangular thin plate weir, and a Cipoletti weir. Apart from the aerated plate weir, all of the weirs mentioned are measuring weirs. They are used for measuring the flow rate, whilst sharp edged aerated overflow can be investigated on the plate weir. The weir plates and weir carrier are made of PVC. Tubular seals made of plastic inserted in slots on the side of the weir plates complete the experimental set-up.

Specification of Set of Plate Weirs four Types

  • Fixed overflow weir for fitting to the Modular Flow Channel
  • Weir crest on plate weir chamfered at 45°, with aeration pipes
  • Thomson weir section 240x120mm, 90°
  • Cipoletti weir section w1xhxb 225x90x180mm
  • Rectangular thin plate weir wxh 180x120mm

Technical Data of Set of Plate Weirs four Types

Dimensions (l x w x h)

  • Aerated plate weir: 304x15x250mm
  • Thomson weir: 304x5x280mm
  • Rectangular thin plate weir: 304x15x280mm
  • Cipoletti weir: 304x15x250mm

Dimensions and Weight of Set of Plate Weirs four Types

  • For dimensions see technical data,
  • Total weight of the experimental set-up: approx. 10 kg

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