Single Cylinder Engine w. Variable Compression

Single Cylinder Engine w. Variable Compression .

Single Cylinder Engine w. Variable Compression

Major technical modifications have been made to a standard water-cooled single cylinder engine to allow demanding issues in engine technology to be investigated by experiment. The key feature is that the cylinder has been modified so that its height can be adjusted along with that of the cylinder head. This allows the compression ratio to be adjusted over a wide range.

The engine can be operated as an external ignition petrol engine or an auto-ignition diesel engine. The mode of operation can be changed by a few simple conversion steps.

Learning Objectives/Experiments

  1. Comparison of diesel and petrol cycles
  2. Plotting of torque and power curves
  3. Determination of specific fuel consumption
  4. Determination of efficiency
  5. Determination of volumetric efficiency and lambda (fuel-air ratio)
  6. Energy balances
  7. Determination of friction loss (in passive mode)
  8. Influence of compression on fuel consumption,
  9. Power output, efficiency and exhaust gas composition
  10. Influence of ignition point on fuel consumption, power output, efficiency and exhaust gas composition


  1. Water-cooled single-cylinder experimental engine for setting up an engine test stand in conjunction with
  2. Demonstration of diesel and petrol processes on an engine with variable compression
  3. Creation of different compression ratios using a height adjustable cylinder
  4. Adjustable ignition point
  5. Diesel mode with direct injection
  6. Petrol mode with carburettor
  7. Engine mounted on base plate
  8. Force transmission to brake unit using claw coupling
  9. Engine completely equipped with fuel lines and temperature sensors for exhaust gas and cooling water
  10. Fuel hoses with self-sealing quick-release coupling

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