Single Stage Piston Compressor

Single Stage Piston Compressor .

Single Stage Piston Compressor

Specification: Single Stage Piston Compressor

  • Investigation of a driven machine for compressed air generation
  • Single-stage piston compressor with one cylinder
  • Drive and speed adjustment via
  • Intake vessel with measuring nozzle for determination of the suction volume flow
  • Intake vessel and pressure vessel, both with pressure sensor and additional manometer
  • Safety valve and pressure switch with solenoid valve for limiting the pressure
  • Blow-off valve with silencer for setting a steady flow operating mode
  • Pressure and temperature sensors in front of and behind the compressor
  • Digital display for air flow rate, temperatures, pressures, differential pressures and compressor speed

Technical Data

  • Compressor, 1 cylinder, single-stage
  • Power consumption: 750W
  • Nominal speed: 980min-1
  • Positive operating pressure: 8bar
  • Max. pressure: 10bar
  • Intake capacity: 150L/min at 8bar
  • Borehole: 65mm
  • Stroke: 46mm
  • Safety valve: 10bar

Pressure vessel

  • 16bar
  • Volume: 20L
  • Intake vessel: 20L

Measuring ranges

  • Temperature: 1x 0...200°C / 1x 0...100°C
  • Pressure: 0...16bar / -1...1bar
  • Flow rate: 0...150L/min
  • Speed: 0...1000min-1  

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