Split System Air Conditioner .

Split System Air Conditioner

Specification of Split System Air Conditioner


  1. Trainer from the practical series for the training of mechatronics engineers for refrigeration
  2. Design and operation of a commercial split system air conditioner
  3. Illustration of the split principle using a dividing wall
  4. 6 different operating modes: heating, cooling, dehumidifying, ventilation, automatic, test
  5. 3 additional functions configurable via remote control: sleep, swing, timer
  6. 2 refrigerant manometers indicate the low and high pressure of the compressor
  7. Battery operated remote control


Technical Data


  1. Split system air conditioner
  2. Power consumption: approx. 1,7kw
  3. Cooling capacity: approx. 3,3kw
  4. Heating capacity: approx. 3,4kw
  5. Max. Volumetric air flow rate (inner unit):
  6. Approx. 420m³/h
  7. Dehumidification (inner unit): approx. 0,8l/h
  8. Timer: 24h

 Measuring range

 Pressure (low and high pressure): -1...40bar

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