Stability of Floating Bodies

Stability of Floating Bodies .

Specification Of Stability of Floating Bodies

  • Investigating the stability of a floating body and determining the metacentre
  • Transparent floating body with rectangular frame cross-section
  • One horizontally movable clamped weight for adjusting the heel
  • One vertically movable clamped weight for adjusting the centre of gravity
  • Clinometer with scale for displaying the heel

Technical Data:Floating body

  • L x W x H: 300x130x190mm
  • Mast height: 400mm
  • Horizontal scale: 180mm
  • Vertical scale: 400mm
  • Height scale of the floating body: 120mm
  • Clinometer scale: +/- 35°


  • Floating body without clamped weights: approx. 2,7kg
  • Vertical clamped weight: 575g
  • Horizontal clamped weight: 196g
  • Tank for water: 50L

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