Steam Generator .

Steam Generator

Specification: Steam Generator

  • Trainer with gas-powered heater for steam generation
  • Steam turbine can be connected to operate a steam power plant
  • Condenser as a thick-walled glass cylinder with water-cooled tube coil and water jet pump for air extraction
  • Closed-circuit feed water supply
  • Sensor for temperature, pressure, flow rate
  • Safety facilities  in accordance with the German TRD for safe operation
  • Exhaust gas analysis with exhaust gas analyser

Technical Data


  • Heating power: 8kW

Measuring ranges

  • Temperature: 0...400°C
  • Pressure
  • Condenser: 0...1,6bar abs.
  • Live steam: 0...16bar
  • Power consumption superheater: 750W
  • Flow rate
  • Gas: 0...14L/min
  • Cooling water: 0...720L/h
  • Feed water: 0...15L/h

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