Supersonic Wind Tunnel .

Supersonic Wind Tunnel:

Description of Supersonic Wind Tunnel:

This an open, continuously operating supersonic wind tunnel with a rectangular measuring section. Transonic and supersonic flows from Mach 0.8 up to Mach 1.8 can be realized with interchangeable measuring sections and nozzle profiles. Supersonic flow and the occurring shock waves can be directly observed with the supplied Schlieren optic apparatus. The continuous operation can allow enough time to take measurements and to observe the phenomena. Four aerofoil models are supplied: a wedge, a double wedge, a bullet and a rocket. A flow straightener at the inlet ensures a low degree of turbulence. The tunnel is driven by a vacuum pump (included). The pump is effectively silenced so it can be placed in the same room as the wind tunnel.

Experimental Capability of Supersonic Wind Tunnel:

  1. Pressure distribution along a convergent-divergent nozzle  
  2. Pressure distribution and pressure loss in channel flow at high Mach number  
  3. Demonstration of Schlieren method
  4. Observation of flow patterns around the aerofoils with the aid of Schlieren optics  
  5. Observation of occurring shock waves with the aid of Schlieren optics  
  6. Determination of Mach Number via the angle of shock waves  
  7. Comparison of theory and experiment


Technical Specifications of Supersonic Wind Tunnel:


  1. Continuously operating open supersonic wind tunnel
  2. Tunnel lxwxh 4500x810x1715mm
  3. Schlieren app. lxwxh 2x1710x580x1450mm
  4. Operating on vacuum principle
  5. Cross area of working section: 101.6x25.4mm
  6. 4 Aerofoil models: 5 degree wedge, 7 degree double wedge, 10 degree double wedge, 10 degree double wedge with two pressure tapping, rocket, bullet, and a dome to put these models as well as other user’s models, an encoder for feedback of model angle which can be changed to ± 10 degree by a gear mechanism
  7. Schlieren Apparatus to observe flow patterns and a digital camera for recording images - halogen lamp with 50 and 100W
  8. 3 interchangeable test sections for different Mach numbers: subsonic, Mach 1.4, Mach 1.8
  9. A 24 channels pressure multiplexer
  10. A vacuum pump 70kW silenced, max. 84db(A)
  11. LCD touch screen with key pad to control pressure multiplexing and to acquire 24 pressure data and angle data, as well as to transfer data to PC. LCD graphic display shows the pressure profile.
  12. Recommended room conditions: 10% rel. humidity at 25°C
  13. Supply: 380VAC, 60Hz, 3ph
  14. Wind tunnel: l x w x h : 4500 x 810 x 1715 mm
  15. Schlieren app. l x w x h : 1710 x 580 x 1450mm
  16. Total weight : approx. 1550 kg
  17. Content of Supply: 1 supersonic wind tunnel, 1 set of 4 different models, 1 Schlieren optic apparatus, 1 vacuum pump, 1 control panel with LCD touch screen and keypad and with 24 channel pressure multiplexer, 1 PC software, 1 instruction manual

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