TACHOMETER Equipments .
TACHOMETER - Didactic equipment: This module must be equipped with an analog meter that, coupled to an optical speed transducer, shall allow to measure the rotational frequency of the electrical machines.
Technical specifications:
• Speed ranges: 1500/3000/6000 min
• Accuracy class: 1,5%
• Output voltage: 1V/1000 min
• Power supply: single-phase mains (see identification plate)
• Circular scale: 240°
• Min-1: range change-over switch
• K2: connector for speed transducer
• Overrange: led for overload monitoring
• Power on: led for power supply monitoring
This module must have insulated type front panel with the electrical scheme, it must include also one selector, one connector to connect the cable in order to read the speed and two leds (power on, overrange) ;  2  mm  terminals for the electrical connection must be included.

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