Temperature control system

Temperature control system

Temperature control system .

This module must represent a process for the control of the temperature, suitable for analyzing continuous and discontinuous closed loop control systems. A halogen lamp shall represent the heating element; a PTC sensor shall provide the feedback signal; a fan and a shutter valve shall allow, besides the reaching of a uniform temperature within given safety limits, also the insertion of noise variables.
Technical features:

•Power supply: +15 V ; 0 V ; -15 V
•Max. temperature: 100 °C
Temperature for the intervention of the bimetallic safety switch:
90 ....100°C
•Feedback signal:
2 mA / 10 °C
1 V / 10 °C
•Apparent dead time TU:  about 10 s
•Compensation time TG:  about 120 s
It must be mounted on an insulated didactic module, it must  show a schematic diagram and 2 mm terminals for the electrical connection;  one potentiometer, one switch.This panel must include also a bus for the supply that allows the connection between the panels.

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