Torsion Testing Machine (30Nm)

Torsion Testing Machine (30Nm) .
Torsion Testing Machine (30Nm)

The Torsion Testing Machine (30Nm) head measures the applied torque to the specimen using strain gauge technology. Torsion Testing Machine (30Nm) can cater for test specimens of up to 750mm. Standard hexagon drives are used for transmitting the torque into the specimens. An angular compensation system is integral to the torsion head with a dial gauge. The strain gauge signals are fed directly into the Data Acquisition Interface supplied. Data Acquisition Software is supplied to capture the test parameters and to display the graphs relevant to further work.

Experimental Capabilities of Torsion Testing Machine (30Nm)


  1. Torsional loading to failure of varying material specimens
  2. Torsional variation due to material, cross sectional area
  3. Comparison between actual and theoretical results
  4. Determination of the Modulus of Rigidity and Yield shear stress
  5. Working with the elastic torsion equation


Specification of Torsion Testing Machine (30Nm)

A sturdy bench mounted unit for studying applied torque against angle of twist, specimen failure, and test graphs. Torque is applied via the moment head to differing material test specimens using hand operated worm and wheel gearbox.

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