Turbine Supply Unit

Turbine Supply Unit .

Turbine Supply Unit

Specification: Turbine Supply Unit

  • Supply unit for turbines
  • Closed water circuit contains multi-stage centrifugal pump, tank, inductive flow meter and flow control valve
  • Connection to the turbines via flexible hose with quick-release coupling
  • Constant torques and speeds can be adjusted via
  • Digital display for flow rate, pressure and temperature
  • Braking torque and speed measured

Technical Data

Centrifugal pump, 3 stages

  • Power consumption: 3kW
  • Max. flow rate: 29m³/h
  • Max. head: 45m
  • Speed: 2900min-1
  • Tank: 96L

Measuring Ranges

  • Pressure (turbine inlet): -1...9bar
  • Pressure (Francis turbine outlet): 0...1,6bar
  • Temperature: 0...100°C
  • Flow rate: 0...600L/min

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