Two Stage Axial Flow Fan .

Two Stage Axial Flow Fan

Specification:- Two Stage Axial Flow Fan

  • Investigate two-stage axial fan
  • Two identical single-stage fans in series configuration or individual operation
  • Individually adjustable blades
  • Fans both with variable speed via frequency converter
  • Flow-optimised nozzle and flow straightener for smooth, low-turbulence flow
  • Air flow in the pipe section can be adjusted via throttle valve
  • Optional pipe bend at the outlet for flow deflection
  • Measuring device with 3-hole probe for determining the differential pressure on rotor and guide vane system
  • Sensors for pressure and temperature upstream and downstream of each fan
  • Volumetric flow rate measured via inlet nozzle

Technical Data

2 Fans

  • Drive motor rated output: 3,45kW
  • Max. pressure difference: 798Pa
  • Speed: 0...2850min-1
  • Blade angle adjustable up to 39°
  • Measuring section inner diameter: 400mm

Measuring ranges

  • Temperature: 0...100°C
  • Differential pressure: -25...25mbar
  • Radial position of the probe: 100...200mm

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