Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Trainer

Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Trainer

Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Trainer .
The basic principle is demonstrated in the experimental unit with the example of an ammonia-water solution with the ammonia acting as refrigerant.
Absorption refrigeration systems operate using thermal energy e.g. from industrial waste heat or from solar collectors. This systems use the principle of liquids evaporating already at low temperatures when pressure is reduced.
In process technology systems the resulting waste heat can be used for cooling. In small mobile systems, such as a camping refrigerator or minibar in a hotel, the required heat is generated electrically or by gas burner. Another benefit of absorption refrigeration systems is their silent operation.

Demonstrate the basic principle of an absorption refrigeration system
Absorption refrigeration system and its main components
Operating behavior under load
To find out Refrigeration effect
To find out coefficient of performance

Working medium: ammonia-water solution
Auxiliary gas: hydrogen
Electric heater: 125W
Evaporator heater, adjustable: 50W
Measuring ranges
Temperature: 4x -80…180°C

Power: 0…150W
Required for operation
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
230V, 60Hz, 1 phase

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