Vehicle Air Conditioning Unit .

Vehicle Air Conditioning

Specification of Vehicle Air Conditioning

  1. Investigation of a typical vehicle air conditioning system for cooling the vehicle interior
  2. Compression refrigeration system with compressor, condenser, filter/drier, expansion valve and evaporator
  3. Electric motor with variable speed as compressor drive
  4. Condenser with fan
  5. Evaporator as air cooler with three-stage fan
  6. Compressor drive via v-belt and magnetic coupling
  7. Simulation of 8 faults via buttons in the connectable box
  8. System is switched on via ignition lock
  9. Display of temperatures, pressures (refrigerant), flow rate (refrigerant), pick-up current, speed
  10. Air conditioning system voltage supply: 12VDC

Technical Data

Electric motor

  1. Rotary current motor
  2. Variable speed via frequency converter
  3. 500...3000min-1
  4. Power: 4kW at 3000min-1

Axial piston compressor

  1. Refrigeration capacity: approx. 3kw at 3000min-1
  2. Condenser: capacity: 6,6kw
  3. Evaporator: capacity: 5,3kW

Measuring Ranges

 Temperature: 4x -100...100°c

  1. Flow rate (r134a): 10...95l/h
  2. Pressure: -1...9bar / -1...24bar
  3. Speed: 0...3.000min-1
  4. Current: 0...10A

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