Ventilation System .

Ventilation System Unit

Specification of Ventilation System Unit

 Operation of a ventilation system

  1. All components from ventilation technology, some with sight windows
  2. Protective grating and adjustable multi-leaf damper at the air inlet
  3. Filter for air purification
  4. Heat exchanger to heat/cool the air
  5. Belt-driven radial fan
  6. 2 sound insulation links
  7. Various air outlets for air distribution in the room: disc valve, ceiling vent and ventilation grill with adjustable flow rate
  8. Inspection cover for inspection purposes
  9. Fire protection flap prevents the cross-over of fire and smoke in the air duct
  10. Air duct with pressure measurement connections
  11. Pressure measurements with inclined tube manometer
  12. Current measurement to determine the power consumption of the fan
  13. Determine the flow rate via differential pressure


 Technical Data


  1. Air duct: 1845x630x305mm



  1. Max. Flow rate: 2500m³/h
  2. Speed: 1600min-1
  3. Drive motor: 750W

 Air-to-water heat exchanger as air heater/cooler


  1. Capacity: 7,6kW

Measuring Ranges


  1. Pressure: 0...700pa
  2. Current: 0...4A

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