Visualisation Of Flow Fields .

Specification Of Visualisation Of Flow Fields

  • Visualisation of flow fields by using electrolytically generated hydrogen bubbles
  • Platinum wire as cathode and stainless steel plate as anode for electrolysis
  • Shallow water channel fitted with indirect LED illumination along the experimental section
  • Various models are included: aerofoil, rectangle, straight plate, curved plate, cylinder (various sizes), Various models for changes in cross-section
  • Flow straightener and glass spheres ensure consistent and low-turbulence flow
  • Different flow velocities via variable-speed circulating pump
  • Setting power (with display), pulse and pause duration of the power and the flow velocity in the water channel

Technical Data

  • Pump with adjustable speed
  • Max. flow rate: 20L/min
  • Bubble generator
  • Current: 0...200mA
  • Pause: 8,4...1800ms
  • Pulse: 8,4...1800ms
  • 3 cathodes with platinum wire
  • Diameter: 0,2mm
  • Length: 30, 50, 75mm
  • Anode, stainless steel plate, L-shaped
  • Water channel: approx. 6L
  • Experimental section: LxWxH: 550x150x50mm
  • Illumination: white LEDs on the side walls of the water channel

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