Visualisation of Seepage Flows Apparatus

Visualisation of Seepage Flows Apparatus .

Visualisation of Seepage Flows Apparatus

Specification:- Visualisation of Seepage Flows

  • Visualisation of two-dimensional seepage flows and investigation of water pressure at various models closed water circuit
  • Fluoresceine as a contrast medium
  • Experimental section with tempered glass viewing window
  • Fine-mesh screen to separate the experimental section from the feed and discharge chamber
  • Height-adjustable overflows in the feed and discharge to adjust the water levels
  • 14 measuring connections with filters to detect the groundwater levels in the experimental section
  • Sheet pile" model for visualisation of streamlines
  • Retaining wall" and "foundation" models for demonstration of the water pressure
  • Instruments: tube manometers, tubes on the "foundation" and "retaining wall" models

Technical Data

Experimental section

  • Usable volume: 82L
  • LxWxH: 1480x104x630mm


  • Max. flow rate: 4m³/h
  • Max. head: 4m
  • 14 tube manometers: 0...600mmWC
  • Tank for contrast medium: content 0,5L
  • Storage tank, stainless steel: content 96L


  • Sheet pile
  • Retaining wall
  • Foundation

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