Water Hammer In Pipes

Water Hammer In Pipes .

Examples of Transient Flow

Specification Of Examples of Transient Flow

  • Investigation of water hammer and pressure waves in pipes
  • Pipe section as coiled tube to save space
  • Generation of water hammer via solenoid valve with constant closing time
  • Generation of water hammer via solenoid valve with adjustable closing time
  • Pressure vessel with air cushion reflects the wave
  • Safety valve protects against overpressure in the system
  • Instruments: pressure sensor, rotameter, manometer

Technical Data

  • Solenoid valve, constant closing time
  • Closing time: 20...30ms
  • Operating pressure: 0...10bar
  • Solenoid valve, adjustable closing time
  • Closing time: 1...4s
  • Operating pressure: 0,2...12bar
  • Safety valve: 16bar

Pipe section, copper

  • Length: 60m
  • Inner diameter: 10mm
  • Pressure vessel: 5L

Measuring ranges

  • Pressure: 0...16bar
  • Flow rate: 30...320L/h

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