8031/51 Microprocessor Trainer LCD .


  • Intel 80C51 Microcontroller Operating at 12MHz
  • 32KB on board Program Memory
  • 12KB Battery backed up user Program Memory
  • 16KB Battery backed up User Data Memory
  • 40 characters x 2 Lines LCD Display
  • IBM Compatible ASCII Keyboard
  • 8253 Timer/counter chip. Two Channels available to user
  • 48 TTL I/O Lines using two 8255 PPI chips and all signal terminated on two 26 pin FRC (PIO card compatible) 9. RS232 compatible Serial port using 8250, signals terminated on
  • pin D-type connector
  • Study card support on 50 pin FRC connector
  • Inbuilt specially designed 230v AC input Switch mode power supply
  • Powerful monitor software with standard commands like move, fill, display/modify memory/registers, execute program, upload / download etc
  • Single line assembler / dis-assembler
  • Serial mode for using the kit with terminal
  • Attractive Metallic enclosure and Operational Manuals

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