8086 Microprocessor Trainer .
In order to cater to the diverse demands of clients, we are able to offer 8086 Microprocessor Trainer to honorable clients. The offered range is developed utilizing premium grade raw material and innovative machines in complete adherence with the industry laid norms and standards. In addition to this, the offered 16-bit microprocessor is one step above 8085 (8-bit) microprocessor. The instructions of this range are designed to work with 16-bit binary word. Possessing 16-bit data bus, this range can read data from or write data to memory and ports either 16 bits or 8 bits at a time. This range can address memory up to 1,048,576 locations, owing to its address bus, which is 20 bit wide. As every 1 MB locations represents bite-wide, hence it is essential to track down the experimentation how a 8086 microprocessor responds for various conditions. This range is known for studying in electronics, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, chemical engineering subjects, B.Sc. (electronics, computers, and physics) laboratory and polytechnic.


  • CPU: 8086 Microprocessor @ 6.144 MHz
  • MEMORY: Total space ON BOARD is 32KB, Comprising of 16KB monitor EPROMS and 16KB RAM. Battery backup for RAM
  • Peripherals : 8279 for controlling 24 feather keys (including 7 digit seven segment display)
  • One 8255 for controlling 24 I/O lines and same are brought out to 50 pin FRC connector
  • Power supply: ±12V @ 500mA . All assembled in an well designed cabinet
  • Accessories: 50 pin FRC Cable 1 No

The following programs can be performed on the above 8086 microprocessor trainer, detail of which have been provided in the manual supplied with the trainer:

  • Program to perform 16-bit addition
  • Program to perform 16-bit subtraction
  • Program to perform 16-bit multiplication
  • Program to perform 16-bit division
  • Program to display largest no. in an array
  • Program to display smallest no. in an array
  • Program to arrange numbers in ascending order
  • Program to arrange numbers in descending order
  • Program to determine factorial of a number
  • Program to determine fibonacci series of a number
  • Program to check password
  • Program to perform scrolling display

Software capabilities:

  • The monitor rendered in 32 K EPROM is known for assisting the user, entering, editing and running the programs in assembly language


  • The unit is operative on 230V, 50 Hz A.C. mains
  • Strongly supported by detailed operating instructions, giving details of object, theory, design procedures, report suggestions and book references

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