8085 Microprocessor Trainer .

We are able to deliver 8085 Microprocessor Trainer to the respectable clients. The offered range is suitably interfaced with IBM PC/XT/AT computer with the help of 96 bit TTL I/O experimental interface and editor assembler software. Based on industry standard intel 8085 ìp, this range is ideally utilized for training and prototype development of microprocessor based systems. This range is known for supporting multi processor configuration also.


This range is known to teach the following:


  • Design student projects
  • Familiarize components used in microprocessor based instruments
  • Study the signals generated by the microprocessor
  • Learn the art of programming in machine language
  • Design application oriented equipment
  • Design and debugging techniques
  • Perform input / output experiments
  • Instruction set of 8085


Hardware specifications:


  • CPU: 8085 microprocessor @6.144 MHz
  • Memory: Total space on board is 48KB, comprising 16 KB monitor EPROMS and 32 KB RAM
  • Battery backup for RAM
  • No expansion required




  • 8279 for controlling 24 feather keys (including 6 digit seven segment display)
  • 1 Timer/counter with three independently programmable counters
  • Two 8255 for controlling 48 I/O lines and same are brought out to FRC 50 pin connector
  • 8251 for RS 232 C serial communication and firmware for UP/DOWN facility for IBM PC/XT/AT computer
  • Built-in cassette interface
  • Built-in Speaker interface
  • Built-in EPROM programmer for 27128 operating at 12.5 V




  • All buffered & demultiplexed TTL compatible signals brought on a 50 pin FRC connector including address and signals data control lines brought out at another 50 pin FRC connector
  • Several experimental interface modules can be connected to this trainer. They are ADC, DAC, stepper motor, 8-bit switch input, 8-bit LED output, relay interface module and many more are available




  • Program to perform integer division 8-bit by 8-bit
  • Program to perform integer division 16-bit by 8-bit
  • Transfer of a block data in memory to another place in memory in the direct and reverse order
  • Finding the parity of number
  • Sorting of array in Ascending order
  • Sorting of array in Descending order
  • Program to multiply two 8-bit numbers
  • Program to generate and sum 15 Fibonacci number
  • Program for rolling display of message “INDIAN”
  • To insert a number at correct place in a sorted array
  • Program to display smallest number in an array
  • Program to display largest number in an array
  • Program to add 2 numbers in Hex and Decimals
  • 4 digit Hex counter
  • Program for converting 8 bit binary (Hex) to Decimal
  • Subtraction of two 16 bit numbers
  • Program to perform Hex to BCD conversion
  • Program to read key board and display its code
  • Program to find HCF
  • Program to find LCM




  • The unit is operative on 230V, 50 Hz A.C. mains
  • Strongly supported by detailed operating instructions, giving details of object, theory, design procedures, report suggestions and book references
  • Power supply: 5V @ 1A, ± 12V @ 500mA All assembled in an well designed cabinet




  • 50 pin FRC cable 2 nos
  • Software CD 1 nos

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