8086 Microprocessor Trainer Kit .
single board Microprocessor Trainer Kit based on 16 bit 8086 Microprocessor, which is widely used to train engineers to develop software /hardware for any industrial process & control. This Kit consists of power-full Monitor EPROM, RAM, I/O Lines, Timer/Counter, Serial, LCD Display and Keyboard for Man to Machine Interface.


  • 16K Bytes of EPROM with 16K bytes of Battery Backup RAM
  • 72 I/O Lines, Three Channel Timer/Counter, PC Serial Interface using USART, Interrupt Controller
  • 20x2 LCD Display with 101 ASCII Keyboard
  • Power-full Command like Single Stepping, Break Point, Full Clock Execution, Examine Memory/Register
  • Uploading & Downloading to and from PC in Windows98/XP/NT
  • In-Built Power Supply! 8086/8088 CPU operating at 2.5/5MHz


  • 8086 Processor can be replaced by 8088 Processor
  • On-board sockets provided to facilitate the use of 8087 Co-processor and 8089 I/O Processor
  • 6K bytes of RAM using two nos. of 6264 with Battery Backup expandable up to 256KB
  • 16K bytes of powerful monitor EPROM using two nos. of 27512
  • 72 I/O lines through 3 nos. of 8255 brought at 26 Pins FRC Connector to interface with IC-XX Series
  • 16 bit Timer/Counter through 8253 brought out at 20 Pins FRC Connector
  • RS-232C interface using 8251 brought out at 9 Pins DType Connector
  • On-board Interrupt controller using 8259 brought out at 20 Pins FRC Connector
  • 20x2/40x2/20x4 Alphanumeric LCD Display with Backelite
  • 101 ASCII Keyboard interface using 89c2051 operating @ 12MHz
  • Powerful Commands like Examine/Edit Memory, Examine/Edit Register, Single stepping, Execution, Block Move can be used through ASCII Keyboard
  • On-board Single Line Assembler & Disassembler
  • Facility for Downloading/Uploading files from/to PC
  • All address, data & control lines are available on KXT Bus 50 pin FRC Connector to interface with SC-XX Series.
  • All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets
  • Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB is used
  • In-Built Power Supply of +5V/2A, ±12V/250mA Attractive Wooden enclosures of Light weight Australian Pine Wood.
  • User's Manual with sample programs


  • PRINTER INTERFACE to interface with DOT MATRIX Printer
  • On-board Real Time Clock using

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