8086 Microprocessor Trainer (LCD) .


  • CPU is Based on Intel 8086 High Performance CPU operating at 8 MHz Speed
  • Numeric Co-Processor : An optional socket is provided for 8087-2 NDP
  • 8284 A Clock Generator
  • 8288A bus Controller
  • Memory: 64 KB Powerful monitor firmware, expandable up to 128KB
  • 64KB Static RAM with 3.6 V NI-cad battery backup
  • 40 characters x 2 lines LCD Display
  • IBM Compatible ASCII Keyboard
  • On-board 8254 time/counter chip
  • Printer Interface Provided Through another 26 Pin FRC Connectors
  • RS232 compatible serial port using 8251, signals Terminated on 9 pin D-Type male connector
  • On Board 8259 PIC
  • All address, data and control and hardware interrupt lines are brought out on a 50 pin FRC connector for system interfacing and expansion. All Study Cards are supported by this trainer kit
  • Assembly language environment with inbuilt assembler & dis-assembler
  • Terminal emulation software included
  • Attractive Metallic enclosure and Operational Manuals
  • Inbuilt Specially Designed 230v AC Input switch Mode Power Supply U 4 USER'S

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