Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus

Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus .
Description of Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus for Science Lab Equipment Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers
It is self contained and built into a high quality instrument case designed for bench mounting with the experiment easily visible. It consists of the heat proof glass observation vessel containing the liquid and housing the nickel filament whose length and diameter can be measured, together with an additional low voltage heating element for rapid warm up. A second vessel with cooling system accommodates the second arm of the bridge, a variable voltage supply for filament heating, the AC bridge circuit, a panel mounted ammeter and voltmeter, switch gear, electrical stirring system and a 0-105ºC thermometer. A small oscilloscope necessary to balance the bridge is NOT included in the supply. The filament heating circuit voltage does not exceed 12V and the system has an isolated mains transformer.
Specification  of Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus:
Instrument case containing all controls and electrical circuits and carrying observation vessel fitted electrodes, nickel filament and auxiliary heating element, vessel for second arm with water cooling, magnetic stirrer, electric circuit for connection to mains supply, incorporating variable transformer, isolating mains transformer, AC bridge circuit, instrument panel carrying rectifier, instruments for measurement of heater current and voltage, switchgear and socket connections for oscilloscope Supplied complete with spare nickel wire

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