Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipments

Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipments .

Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

Experimentation of Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

  • To estimate the actual rate of heat transfer through the composite cylinders from the measured interface temperature of the two insulating materials with known thermal conductivities.
  • To determine the effective thermal conductivity of the composite cylinder.
  • To compare the theoretical temperature profile within the composite cylinders, with that of observed profile

Utilities Required

  • Electricity Supply : 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 2 Amp.
  • Table for set-up support.

Technical Details

  • Pipe Inner : 5 Cm Dia. Approx.
  • Pipe Middle : 10 Cm Dia. Approx.
  • Pipe Outer : 15 Cm Dia. Approx.
  • Length Of Pipes : 60 Cm Approx.
  • Heater : Nichrome Wire
  • Digital Voltmeter : 0-300 Volt.
  • Digital Ammeter : 0-2 Amp

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