Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger .

Specification of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

  •  A miniature shell and tube heat exchanger for use with an  Heat Exchanger Service Unit.
  • Comprises an outer shell and seven internal tubes. There are two transverse baffles inside the shell.
  • Four temperature sensors are supplied in tappings at fluid inlets and outlets.
  • The heat exchanger is constructed from stainless steel tube and clear acrylic. It is mounted on a PVC baseplate which is designed to be installed on the plinth of the Heat Exchanger Service Unit without the need for tools.
  • The stainless steel tubes can be removed from the heat exchanger for cleaning.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual is included.

Technical Details of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

  •  Hot fluid in the inner tubes and cold fluid in outer shell to minimize heat loss from the exchanger without the need  for additional insulation.
  • Seven stainless steel tubes, 6.35mm OD.
  • The outer annulus, end caps and baffles constructed from clear acrylic to allow visualisation of the heat exchanger construction and minimize thermal losses.
  • Nominal combined heat transfer area of 20,000mm2.
  • Cold fluid (cold water) enters one end of the shell at the bottom and exits at the opposite end at the top having flowed over and under two transverse baffles inside the shell.

Thermocouples Are Installed At The Following Four Locations

  • Hot fluid
  • Hot fluid outlet
  • Cold fluid inlet
  • Cold fluid

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