Radiant Transfer Experiments

Radiant Transfer Experiments .

Specification of Laws Of Radiant Heat Transfer

  • A small-scale accessory designed to introduce students to the basic laws of radiant heat transfer and radiant heat exchange.
  • A heat source with radiometer and a light source with light meter are used where appropriate to demonstrate the principles.
  • The heat source consists of a flat circular plate 100mm in diameter which incorporates a 216 Watt electric heating element (operating at at 24V DC maximum).
  • The light source consists of a 40 Watt light bulb (operating at 24V DC maximum) mounted inside a housing with a glass diffuser.
  • The heat and light sources, instruments, filters and plates are mounted on an aluminium track with graduated scale, which is designed to stand on the benchtop and connect to the Heat Transfer Service Unit without the need for tools.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual is supplied

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