Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus

Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus .

Specification of Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

  • Some parts in the heat exchanger such as probes and axial fan can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Enables variation of the parameters involved in the cross flow exchange process and therefore a complete analysis of the phenomena.
  • K-type thermocouples measure the inlet and outlet water and air temperatures, as well as permitting the connection of the air velocity sensor.
  • The air mass flow rate is derived using an air velocity sensor.
  • Mounted on a  PVC base plate which is designed to be installed on the plinth of the Heat Exchanger Unit without the need for tools.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual is included.

Technical Details Of Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

  • This unit consists of a PVC rectangular duct, axial fan and a single fan radiator
  • The radiator is accommodated in the middle and across the air duct
  • The axial fan is located between the radiator and one edge of the duct. It can provide max air velocity of 2m/s.
  • The fins of the radiator are made from copper and shine in the light, and allow a heat transfer area of 14,000mm2
  • Four thermocouples measure input and output water and air temperatures

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