Linear Heat Conduction Apparatus

Linear Heat Conduction Apparatus .

Linear Heat Conduction Apparatus


  • A small-scale accessory that allows experimental investigation of linear heat conduction and the measurement of the thermal conductivity of various solid conductors and insulators.
  • An insulated, 25mm diameter brass heated section and cooling section that may be either clamped together, or assembled with one of four insulated intermediate sections or test specimens between the interfaces.
  • The hot end uses a nominal 65W heater (operating at 240v maximum), which is fitted with a high temperature limit switch.  The power supplied to the heater is controlled and measured by the Heat Transfer Service Unit .
  • The cold section is of identical dimensions to the hot end and is water-cooled. Both the heated and cooled ends are each fitted with three thermo couples at 15mm intervals to measure the temperature gradients along the bars

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