Oxy-Acetylene Pipe Cutter Machine

Oxy-Acetylene Pipe Cutter Machine Mechanical Welding Workshop Equipment Suppliers, India, Kenya, Welding  Workshop tools and equipment UK. .
Features :
1.    Gas distributor to control the flow of preheating oxygen, fuel gas and cutting oxygen.
2.    Wing nut to control chain tension
3.    Handle to drive the machine
4.    Torch slide handle to move torch right and left
5.    Lateral Bar
6.    Cutting Torch
7.    Height adjustment handle
8.    Smooth Wheel
9.    Sprocket to engage with the chain, the sprocket rotates to move the machine

Specifications :
1.    Thickness of pipe to be cut : Ø114 mm – Ø600 mm
2.    Cutting shape : I-shape cutting and v-belt cutting (up to 45°)
3.    Drive System : Manual
4.    Range of vertical torch movement : 0 - 50mm
5.    Range of lateral torch movement : 0 - 100mm
6.    Tip cleaning needle : 1 set
7.    Chain : 80 link

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