Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma Cutting Machines Mechanical Welding Workshop Equipment Suppliers, India, Kenya, Welding  Workshop tools and equipment UK. .

Rail Span 4500mm
Diagonal precision +/- 0.5 mm
Speed Error +/- 5%
Transversal Mechanical Transmission Gear / Rack + Roller Slider
Power Supply Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Input Power for CNC Controller AC 220V 1PH
Input Power for Plasma Power Source AC 415V 3PH
Rail and Rack   36 Kg Grade
Plasma Gas Source Clean and Dry
CNC System Controller Microstep with 10.4" LCD Screen
CNC Torch Lifter AVC Type AVC for Plasma Torch
Max machine idle speed 0-10M/Min
Plasma Cutting Power and Torch LGK
Anti Collision Device HYD Taiwan
CNC Plasma Torch with roller slider  
Longitudinal Mechanical Transmission Gear / Rack + Steel Rails
Transversal Servo Driver Servo Motor & Drive from Panasonic
Longitudinal Servo Driver Servo Motor & Drive from Panasonic
Main electrical elements Siemens / Omorons / Schineder
Transversal towline on Machine Beam Heinshen Korea / IGUS Germany
Machine Gantry Indian Box beam Gantry 1 set
Longitudinaal towline on Machine Beam Heinshen Korea / IGUS Germany
Plasma Cutting Materials MS & SS
Longitudinal Guide Rail with Rack 36 Kgs Steel Rails
Driving Ways Dual Servo Drive
Driving Gear Reducer Planetory Gear Box 3 sets
Servo Driving System Panasonic 3 sets
Automatic Torch Height Controller HYD Taiwan
CNC System Controller Microstep 3 axis Control 1 set
Plasma Power Supply and Torch  
Anti Collision Device for Plasma Torch Proximity Switch Based
Nesting Sofware Fast Cam
Power Supply Stabilizer To be supplied by the Customer
Rail Length 7000mm
Effective Cutting Width 3000 mm
Effective Cutting Length 5000 mm
Plasma Torch Up Down Distance Max 180 mm
Linear precision and Cutting Quality As per the DIN Standard
Plasma Torch Lifting Precision +/- 0.3 mm
Beeline Orientation Precision +/- 0.3 mm
Beeline Repeated Precision +/- 0.3 mm
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit

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