Portable Tig Welding Machine

Portable Tig Welding Machine Mechanical Welding Workshop Equipment Suppliers, India, Kenya, Welding  Workshop tools and equipment UK. .
1.    Features :

Machine to be used for welding  purpose and easy to handle.

2.    Specifications :

a)    DC gtaw / smaw
b)    HF / PILSE : HF / Pulsed TIG
c)    240 / 1Hp /50Hz : Auto-Line 115 – 230VAC/1Ph/50-60Hz
d)    5~160A ; 5 ~ 150A
e)    160A@60% ; 150A @ 30%
f)    Weight 16 Kg ; 6.2 Kg (Power Source)
g)    Compatible with Germany Manufacturing

Accessories :
a)    3m Power Cord
b)    Remote Fingertip Control
c)    TIG Torch
d)    4m Stick Electrode Holder Set
e)    3m Ground Clamp Set
f)    Argon Regulator w/Gas Hose
g)    Accessory Kit
h)    Shoulder Strap
Protective X-Case

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