Universal VLSI Trainer .
Indicators :

  • 16 input using 2 nos. Of 8 way DIP Switch with LED indication to indicate logic low and logic high
  • 16 LED for output indication.

Onboard Interfaces :

  • 4 Digit Seven Segment Displays
  • 8 bit A/D convertor using ADC-0809
  • 8 bit D/A convertor using DAC-0800
  • Stepper Motor Interface
  • Relay Interface
  • Ps2 Interface
  • RS-232 Interface
  • VGA Interface
  • 16x1 Alphanumeric LCD Display
  • 5x4 Keys Keyboard Matrix

Clock generator :

  • On-board 50MHz, 10MHz, 5MHz, 1MHz, 100KHz & 100Hz

Other Details :

  • Power selection : On-board of 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.5V & 1.2V
  • Power on Reset and configuration reset key
  • I/O expansions are provided through 26 pin FRC Connector for other application interface
  • All IC’s are mounted on IC Sockets
  • Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB is used
  • In-Built Power Supply of +5V/1.5A, ±12V/250mA
  • Attractive Wooden enclosures of Light weight Australian Pine Wood
  • User's Manual with 25 sample experimental programs
  • ISP Programmer for Piggy Bag Module

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