Condenser Steam Bench .

Description of Condenser Steam Bench:

Steam Bench Consists of a sturdy framework and panels of all steel construction, fitted with a student work surface, interconnecting back panel and adjustable feet. The steam bench includes a water-cooled multi-tube condenser; a steam feed line to supply a regulated supply of steam at reduced pressure and a condensate tank complete with a sight glass. Cooling water flow rate is metered in the supply line and regulated by a control valve in the drain line. Bourdon type pressure gauges are provided from pressure indications and thermocouples are used to measure temperature, which may be individually selected for display on an analogue temperature meter.

Experimental Capability of Condenser Steam Bench: 


  1. To investigate the overall heat transfer coefficient of a condenser under conditions of inlet and outlet pressure, and rate of cooling flow  
  2. To demonstrate that condensing steam is a closed system will produce a vacuum


Features of Condenser Steam Bench:    


  1. Compact modular design
  2. Low capital cost
  3. Easy Installation
  4. Comprehensive instrumentation
  5. Utilises industrial standard horizontal shell and tube type condenser  
  6. Pressure test certificates supplied for major components engine


Specification of Condenser Steam Bench:    

Steam bench designed for investigating the overall heat transfer coefficient of condenser tubes for varying conditions of condenser inlet and outlet pressure and rate of cooling water flow, together with demonstration of vacuum creating capability of condensing steam in a closed system. The bench comprises, a multi-tube surface condenser with steel body and copper tubes, and fitted with a relief valve set to vent to atmosphere at 1 bar and a steam discharge line including an isolating valve and pressure and temperature measuring points; a mild steel fabrication condensate tank fitted with 0-50 cm graduated scale, an overflow pipe and a drain line including an isolating valve; steam feed pipework, including an isolating valve, and fitted with pressure and temperature measuring points; condenser cooling water supply and drain pipework, with an isolating valve and a safety flowmeter in the supply line and a control valve in the drain line, both lines being fitted with temperature measuring points

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