Ejector Steam Bench

Ejector Steam Bench .

Description of Ejector Steam Bench:

Ejector Steam Bench consists of a sturdy framework and panels of all steel construction, fitted with a student work surface, interconnecting back panel and adjustable feet. Incorporating a typical commercially available steam ejector instrumented for the measurement of temperature and pressure at the steam inlet, suction inlet and delivery outlet. Two water tanks acting as a suction tank and a delivery tank respectively, are inter-connected in such a way that water can be returned to the suction tank to permit experiments with suction water at varying temperatures. Water supply to the suction tank is via a flow meter. The apparatus is supplied complete with service facilities relating to water supply, blowdown and drainage together with a set of four stainless steel flexible hoses which enable the bench to be connected to other steam benches to form a comprehensive system.

Experimental Capability of Ejector Steam Bench:


  1. To investigate the overall efficiency of the ejector.
  2. To investigate the efficiency when used as a feed water heater.  
  3. To investigate the efficiency when used as a pump.


Specification of Ejector Steam Bench:

To comprise a sturdy framework and panels of all steel construction including student work surface and fitted with a mild steel header assembly enclosed within a header box and fully insulated with mineral wool; an ejector will be fitted with steam supply line, suction line and delivery line, each fitted with a combined isolating and control valve, a temperature measuring point complete with a type K thermocouple and a pressure measuring point; 3 pressure gauges scaled 0-16 bar, -1 to 3 bar and 0-4 bar respectively for steam pressure, ejector suction and ejector delivery; a 0- 250°C analogue temperature meter and multi-position selection switch

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