Miniature Steam Power Plant .

Description of Miniature Steam Power Plant:

Steam Power Plants have been designed to provide a comprehensive facility for the complete investigation of a steam power plant. The features incorporated and power ratings chosen constitute an excellent representation of industrial practice within the limitations of an educational laboratory. The equipment is offered in the form of three schemes of 5, 10 and 20 kW rating respectively. Each scheme comprises a full range of separate but compatible units enabling the complete installation to be tailored to suit individual customers’ requirements. A basic laboratory scheme would comprise a boiler and turbine/condenser. In addition the complementary items; Separating and Throttling Calorimeters, Superheater, Tanks, Blowdown Tank, Water Treatment, Interconnecting Pipework and Lab. Design, Steam Pipework Lagging, and Installation & In the majority of cases water treatment will be required, and unless a suitable volume of cooling water is available, a cooling tower will also be required. Both these items are available if required. Further optional items such as additional boiler and superheater instrumentation, flue gas analysers etc. though not strictly essential to the plant operation, considerably improve the versatility, and hence teaching potential, of the equipment. The boilers used are vertical firetube type designed for simple operation and maintenance. The boiler may be supplied for oil or gas firing, suitable for 35 second fuel oil or natural or manufactured gases. Water feed and steam pressure control are fully automatic with low water level alarm and lock out, and interlocked air, ignition, and flame failure sequence burner control. The flue outlet is fitted with a condensate trap and flue gas diverter. Flue ducting is available as an optional extra.

Experimental Capability of Miniature Steam Power Plant:


  1. Operation of a complete power plant
  2. Thermal efficiencies
  3. Heat Balance and Energy utilization
  4. Power generation
  5. Fuel consumption

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