Steam Boiler Bench .

Description of Steam Boiler Bench:  

Steam Boiler Bench consists of a sturdy framework and panels of all steel construction, fitted with a student work surface, interconnecting back panel and adjustable feet. Adjacent and connected to the framework is an electric steam boiler of 36 kW rated output. The heat input to the boiler is provided by specially designed electrical resistance immersion elements run at a low power density in order to give a long operational life. The boiler, with its attendant mains water make up tank, feed pump, steam main, blowdown, drain and feedwater connections is housed in a self-contained unit. The student desk unit contains a control box with an electric power supply isolator and instrumentation to read steam and water temperatures and also to display the electrical energy consumed in kWh. All piping and wiring required to connect the boiler to the steam benches is supplied.

Experimental Capability of Steam Boiler Bench:    


  1. To determine the boiler evaporation capacity and equivalent evaporation  
  2. Boiler efficiency trial
  3. To assess the heat loss from a boiler at a given steam output pressure


Specification of Steam Boiler Bench:     

To comprise a fully automatic electric steam boiler of 36 kW rated output providing 55 Kg/HR of steam from and at 100ºC, complete with a stainless steel mains water feed tank, centrifugal feed pump, steam main, blow- down, drain and feed- water connections, pressure relief valve, check valve and stop valve all housed in a self-contained unit. A sturdy framework and panels of all steel construction fitted with a student work surface is to be connected and adjacent to the boiler. Instrumentation is to include a boiler pressure controller and 0 to 20 bar pressure gauge, two point temperature measurement via type K thermocouples to a digital indicator and a solid state kWh meter. The bench should be complete with all service facilities relating to water supply, blow down and drainage, to enable the interconnection to other steam bench units

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