Double Effect Evaporator Bench .

Description of Double Effect Evaporator Bench :

Double Effect Evaporator consists of a sturdy framework and panels of all steel construction, fitted with a student work surface interconnecting back panel and adjustable feet. The steam bench includes two evaporator vessels with interconnecting pipework and valves to allow single or double effect evaporation. The steam feed line includes a pressure reducing valve and safety relief valve. The steam used is measured by sub cooling the condensate and using collecting beakers. Bourdon type pressure gauges are provided for pressure indications and thermocouples are used to measure temperature, which may be individually selected for display on an analogue temperature meter.

Experimental Capability of Double Effect Evaporator Bench:  


  1. Determination of the performance of a double effect evaporator  
  2. Comparison of the relative efficiencies of a single effect and double effect evaporator


Specification of Double Effect Evaporator Bench:   

Steam Bench designed for investigating the performances of a double effect evaporator. The bench comprises two evaporator vessels with copper tubed steam coils, together with interconnecting pipework and isolating valves, shelled tube heat exchanger to sub cool the condensate discharge from the steam trap on each evaporator vessel. A fully insulated steam header line, fitted with a 0-16 bar Bourdon type pressure gauge and temperature measuring point supplies steam to the feed line. A type K thermocouple is fitted at each temperature measuring point and connected to a 0-250ºC analogue temperature meter via a 7-position selector switch

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