Nozzle Rig Bench .

Description of Nozzle Steam Bench:

Nozzle Steam Bench consists of a sturdy framework and panels of all steel construction, fitted with a student work surface, interconnecting back panel and adjustable feet. The steam chest consists of an inlet chamber and an exhaust chamber with a test nozzle positioned in the wall common to the two chambers. Steam supply to the inlet chamber first passes through a steam separator to remove excess water content and the chamber is fitted with a throttling facility to enable the dryness of the inlet steam to be determined. Steam passes from the inlet chamber, through the test nozzle, into the exhaust chamber and finally into the surface condenser via a back pressure control valve.

Experimental Capability of Nozzle Steam Bench:   

  1. The variation of pressure along a nozzle profile as a function of back pressure  
  2. The effect of back pressure on the mass rate of flow
  3. A comparison of theoretical and actual throat pressures on rates of flow  
  4. Determination of critical pressure ratio for choked flow
  5. Calculation of velocity through length of nozzles of various forms  
  6. Study of the effects of friction in a parallel nozzle
  7. Study of shock wave formation within nozzle divergence and at nozzle outlet  
  8. Measurement of state at entry to the nozzle and subsequent calculation

Specification of Nozzle Steam Bench:    

To comprise a study framework and panels of all steel construction including student work surface and fitted with a steam chest constructed of mild steel. The chest will include an inlet chamber fitted with a drain line, a throttling restrictor assembly and type K thermocouple, a temperature measuring point with type K thermocouple and a pressure measuring point coupled to 0-16 bar Bourdon type pressure gauge; an exhaust chamber fitted with a type K thermocouple, a pressure measuring point coupled to a -1 to 15 bar Bourdon type pressure gauge and an exhaust line, a water cooled surface condenser with a capacity of 31 kg/ hr, a traversing nozzle pressure measuring assembly including a stainless steel measuring probe, a -1 to 12 bar calibrated pressure test gauge and a nozzle distance indicator

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