Axial Flow Turbo machines

Axial Flow Turbo machines

Axial Flow Turbo machines .

Specification Of Axial Flow Turbo machines

  • Investigation of an axial flow turbo machine
  • Closed water circuit with expansion tank and centrifugal pump
  • Turbo machine may be operated as a turbine and as a pump Two sets of impellers and guide vane systems for pump mode and two sets of rotors and stators for Turbine mode with different inlet and outlet angles
  • Asynchronous motor with 4-quadrant operation via frequency converter
  • Recovery of the brake energy
  • Motor with pendulum bearing, torque measurement via lever arm and force sensor
  • Inductive speed sensor on the motor
  • Manometers for measuring the inlet and outlet pressures
  • Measuring probe and differential pressure sensor for recording the pressure curve in the turbo machine
  • Electromagnetic flow meter
  • Display of power consumption, torque, speed, pressure, differential pressure and flow rate

Technical Data

Centrifugal pump

  • Power: 5,5kW
  • Max. flow rate: 150m³/h
  • Max. head: 10m

Asynchronous motor

  • Power: 1,5kW
  • Torque: 0...5Nm
  • Speed: 0...3000min-1
  • Expansion tank: 150L

Measuring ranges

  • Pressure (manometer): 2x -1...5bar
  • Differential pressure: 5x 0...500mbar
  • Flow rate: 0...100m³/h
  • Speed: 0...3000min-1
  • Torque: 0...9,81Nm

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